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About us

  Aura Duo is a Spanish-Danish chamber music duet based in Aarhus (Denmark), featuring the musicians Júlia Cavaller Triay (flute), and Patricia Martín (clarinet). The group began in 2018 due their mutual interest in the purest expression within the chamber music world: the duet. 


  ‘Dynamic’ is the best adjective to define the duet’s professional career, experimenting with space and sound as they perform works of different styles and periods. Thus, Aura Duo is in constant movement, challenging the stereotypes of classical music and exploring the contemporary music written for flute and clarinet. They work with today’s composers, such as Eli Tausen á Lava (who recently composed a portrait of Aura Duo), as well as with the curators Jens Rossel and Kristian Blak.


  Júlia and Patricia work with the responsibility of promoting chamber music both in Spain (their home country) and in Denmark (their residence country), as well as in the rest of the world. They combine the strong influence of their Spanish roots together with the resources, opportunities and freedom provided by Denmark, creating a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.


  Despite their short career, the duet has already performed several concerts around Denmark, Spain and France. Some of their upcoming projects for 2019 include the participation in Summartónar Festival (The Faroe Islands), performances at Música als Parcs Festival (Barcelona, Spain), the participation in the 27th Musical Competition (Milano, Italy) and a short cycle of concerts in the Balearic Islands (Spain). 


  Moreover, Aura Duo was the winner of the DJM Soloist C Competition in 2019 and performed Sinfonia Concertante for Flute and Clarinet in B-Flat Major (written by Franz Danzi) together with Aalborg Symphony Orchestra at the end of august 2019.

 "Curiosity and passion are key words when exploring new angles of music,
allowing us new ways of performing"
                                                                                                        Aura Duo
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